What is chaosmesh?

chaosmesh is a Chaos Engineering platform that helps to proactively reduce downtime and provide visibility into systems to detect issues.

Hello World

The journey began in April 2018 with the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot, which Benjamin Wilms published as Open Source project. Prompted by the great feedback he received, the idea was born to start a company based on the Chaos Engineering tool and the expertise gained from it. In the fall of 2019, Benjamin founded chaosmesh together with Dennis Schulte and Johannes Edmeier. During their time at codecentric AG, they gained a lot of expertise in Chaos Engineering and the implementation of distributed highly available systems.

Rainer Vehns (Co-Founder & CEO codecentric AG) and Mirko Novakovic (Co-Founder & CEO Instana) strongly supported the new startup chaosmesh from the very beginning. This close relationship between the founder teams is a unique asset and a great accelerator.

Steady State

In early 2020 chaosmesh went public, presenting its website to the world.


Today's systems are constantly changing through the practices of continuous deployment. In order to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs, today's release processes are optimized and systems are continuously changing.

This speed requires a maximum of reliability and trust. So far, current tools in the field of Chaos Engineering have only covered specific areas and require expert knowledge in handling these tools. chaosmesh strives to close this gap by making Chaos Engineering accessible to everyone.

A quick impression of how easy it is to design and execute experiments with the chaosmesh Chaos Engineering platform is provided in the following video:


They provide an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service solution. For those who need to control everything, chaosmesh offers also an on-prem version.

chaosmesh discovers all kinds of information and metadata from the environment allowing users to write targeted chaos experiments. It supports a wide range of technologies: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux VMs, ...

What's next?

The team is currently working on many new unique platform features which will be rolled out in the upcoming months. Thanks to the Zero Configuration and Auto Update approach, customers will automatically receive all new features and adjustments.

If you want to learn more about it and request a personal demo, simply register under Request a Demo.

It only takes up to 10 minutes to run your first experiment.