Experiment. Verify. Learn.

chaosmesh is a Chaos Engineering platform that helps to proactively reduce downtime and provide visibility into systems to detect issues.

Chaos Engineering

Discover weaknesses before they turn into problems.

Distributed systems and cloud tech are highly complex and thus vulnerable to outages and downtime. If your products don’t work reliably your customers will turn away from your business.

How to Prevent This
Why chaosmesh

Running experiments in chaosmesh is the best and easiest way to reduce downtime.

Network, resource & state attacks

You can exploit resources, affect the application state or mess with the network. Regardless of the environment you operate in, chaosmesh provides the appropriate attacks to help you discover weaknesses.

Don't waste time on configuration and maintenance

Today's systems are anything but rigid. They change state at any time. chaosmesh provides you the necessary information about your system and identifies targets for chaos experiments. Don't waste time searching and configuring tools. Focus on performing chaos experiments. chaosmesh is easy to setup and installs new discovery and attack features automatically.

Fine grained security down to single targets

Security, trust and confidence are extremely important when carrying out chaos experiments. For this reason chaosmesh offers you on many levels possibilities to reduce the effects of experiments. Model your team structure and define who can attack which targets and which attacks they can use.

Fits your needs

If you want to start lean & fast use our SaaS platform. If you need full control of every bit and byte deploy chaosmesh on-premise.

Automated. Fast. Smart. Secure. Collaborative.

chaosmesh provides your team the tooling it needs to to find weak spots in your system safely and securely.

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It only takes up to 10 minutes to run your first experiment.